Reasons for Sponsoring

There are many reasons to participate and sponsoring Haki Marathon but below are some of the few selected reasons:

  • Support a cause that aims at advocating for beahaviour change among the member of the community against human rights violations particularly violence against women, children and people with disability.
  • Support a cause that aims at educating the community on their basic human rights.





GOLD Sponsorship

10 Million

• Recognition as the  main official sponsor of the 21 Km run.
• Branding  all Water Servers and Water Points.
• Logo branding in front of all T-shirts.
• Recognition in all Communications (website, social media, press mentioning, email shots, fliers and posters).
• Unlimited number of Banners at the venue + all directional banners for 21 Km.• Exhibition at the venue + brand Ambassadors at the venue.
• Up to 50 staff free registration.
• Giving Medal to Winners.
• Logo placement on Sponsor Banner, the Arch and the tickets.

SILVER Sponsorship

7 Million

• Recognition as the  sponsor of 10 Km Run
• Logo branding on sleeves of all  T-Shirts
• Recognition on all Communications (website, social media, fliers and posters)
• Branding at the venue ( Limited to 12 Banners) + all Directional Banners for 10 Km
• Exhibition at the venue.
• Up to 40 staff free registration.
• Logo Placement on the Sponsor Banners.

BRONZE Sponsorship

4 Million

• Official Sponsor of 5 Km run
• Logo Placement on  the front of the  Host and the Event Crew T-Shirts
• Logo printed all 5 Km gifts for give aways
• Branding at the venue( Limited to 7 Banners) + all directional banners for 5 KM
• Recognitions on media mentions and during the event by the host.
• Branding the 5 Km route
• Exhibition at venue
• Up to 30 staff free registration.

SAPPHIRE Sponsorship

2 Million

• Branding of the Medical Personnel
• Logo Placement on the Sleeves of the Host and Event Crew T shirts.
• Branding at venue ( Limited to 5 Banners).
• Up to 20 staff free registration.

INDIVIDUAL Sponsorship

1 Million

• Recognition on Event Day by the host.
• Logo on T shirts (5 Km).
• Branding at venue ( Limited to 3 Banners).
• Up to 10 staff free registration.